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Our Story



Stillhouse Farms began rather modestly after my husband and I's wedding. Our love story started about 3 years ago at a game night with my family. We instantly clicked despite being near polar opposites of each other and began a friendship that quickly grew into an unbreakable bond.


 With Zach's job as a full-time restaurant manager, working up to 75 hours a week sometimes, spending time together wasn't always easy. As the challenges we faced together grew, we quickly learned that leaning on God was the only sure way we would make it threw. We always dreamt together of leaving behind the conveniences of the city life to connect on a deeper level with the beauty of nature. One day, the stars aligned, and the opportunity to move into a home on Zach's parent's property revealed itself.


 We got engaged and married just two short months later, with little money in our pockets and a whole lot of love in our hearts. With Zach's parents owning a beautiful barn on 154 acres of land, it was an easy choice to get married on the property. Besides our venue, we didn't have much else to start with. Our families pulled together and created something more beautiful than we ever could have dreamt of. My dad built our altar and supplied the dinner, my aunt was our florist, my mom made our cake, my brother was our officiant, Zach's hand-built our tables. 


 Zach and I were so filled with gratefulness and were so inspired by the selfless dedication of our family's that we, alongside Zach's parents made the decision to begin transforming our barn into a forever wedding venue. Since our wedding, we have completely renovated the barn from the ground up. Removing the dirt footing and installing concrete, building a fully furnished bridal suite, landscaping and creating countless ceremony locations, making use of each birthing stall in the barn, including a grooms room, lounge area, kids area, office.

With You on Your

Special Day

The Stillhouse Farm family is full of entrepreneurial spirit. The owners Matt and Jeannie Mitchell got their start together managing a McDonald’s and they now own 6 Culver’s restaurants, The Firm Personal Training Gym, Rio Equestrian Center, and Dottie's Southern Chic Boutique. Together they have built an amazing life, with a strong foundation of love and friendship. Standing in their presence you can’t help but feel their radiating love and respect they hold for each other. They definitely share a marriage worth striving to emulate.

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